Gorgeous Women Pinups & Wine

Gorgeous women pinups, 1940s era. How could this be possible? Well today I

bring you a wine that is just for women, and yes there might be a little bit of

dress-up, make up, hair and lipstick involved.


This company is called Turn Me Wine. Why, you might be asking. Where does the pinup come in? Well, as you can see it on the bottle, there are some really attractive pinup models, and there is a fun story behind that. Every year this company has a photo contest and the winner of the photo contest will be the model on the next wine label. How cool is that?

Turn Me Wines got its name from bring an easy concept wine, an easy drinking taste profile that supported the concept of turning alcohol consumers, or other wine drinkers, into wine drinks or red wine drinkers. Hence the name “Turn Me Red”.


Now onto the wine.

First on the list is their Turn Me Riesling. This sweet but refreshing white wine is perfect

to enjoy during these hot spring days. It is a fruity, light bodied wine, with a delicate

sweetness to give it balance. It has flavors such as rich ripe melons, and summer

peaches with a hint of vanilla on the tip of your tongue. I would pair this wine with

fresh scallops sautéed in butter, topped with fresh herbs, or fruit salad.

Next on the list is Turn Me Sweet. It is a nice sweet wine which was made in the Tempranillo style of wine making. With low acidity, dark ruby color, and herbal characteristics, this wine is perfect for fruit sangria. With many different flavors such as berries, dark cherries and a hint of oak on the nose. I would pair this wine with California-style tapas, like avocado crostini, Ahi tuna tacos, sweet-and-spicy chicken wings, and mango-chili pork tenderloin.

For my red wine drinkers, Turn Me Wine has not forgotten about you with their Turn Me Red. This wine is very approachable and charming to drink. It has a robust burst of fruit. It’s smooth edge and subtle body makes it the perfect wine to enjoy during a summer BBQ outdoors, with flavors such as blackberry, followed by a hint of spicy black pepper and spicy leather. Now with food pairings with this wine, it is a powerhouse. My picks are to pair it alongside hearty

red-sauce pasta dishes, grilled meats, burgers, and maple-bacon brussel sprouts.


So go back in time and raise a glass to the pin ups!


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