Wine Designed For Women

Today I bring you a unique wine that is specifically designed for women.

What is this wine? Well its Speak Winery’s 2012 Malbec.

What makes this wine so unique and why am I so excited to review it today, is because this wine has an adorable colorful motivational quote on the bottle. It a great conversation piece and this wine was developed over a glass of wine. What could be better, right?

Let’s get to the history of this adorable wine company.


Like most genius ideas, Speak was created by two friends over a glass of wine. With a love for sharing words that inspire and a sincere appreciation for style, the founders of Speak Wines, Stephanie Fasi and Kerry Sutherland, set out to find a bold, delicious Argentinean red, and thoughtfully packaged the wine to perfectly speak to any occasion.

Speak makes a beautiful statement at dinner parties, at special celebrations, as gifts, or simply on your dinner table…and it always gets people talking.

Now onto the wine.

Produced in La Consulta, located in Mendoza, Argentina’s wine country, Speak’s winery location offers every advantage in wine making. The extraordinary characteristics of the area, including high altitudes in the Andean foothills, excellent sun exposure with moderate temperatures, and pristine mountain water for irrigation, result in the prized fruit that has long been recognized as the highest-quality in the country.

Quite simply, Speak is an exquisite Malbec made with love, careful attention to

detail and quality, and that’s just the beginning.


This friendly and easy going wine is smooth, with low acidity. It also pairs

perfectly with many different types of food. I would pair this bold red wine

with steak or BBQ chicken with roasted veggies. It has strong flavors such as

rich cherry and plum with a touch of leather on the nose.


So Grab A Glass & Enjoy!!!


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