Travel To Sweden

Roses, refreshing white wine, and traveling to Sweden without ever leaving your
home. This has to be one of my most anticipated review of the year.

So once I got the wine shipped to me I knew it would be a great blog post.
So how about a little wine history. This winery history goes back all the way to 160 years ago. “In my family it has always been the tradition to explore the world in search of unique, high-quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products” said Bodvar Hafström the founder of the winery. His great-great-grandfather started one of the largest cigar brands in Sweden; Hafströms. Today, Hafströms of Sweden has an exclusive assortment of hand-rolled premium cigars. On his mother’s side, the family founded the legendary Grönstedts Cognac in 1846, and it is still one of the top brands in the world. Johan Daniel Grönstedt had a specific weakness for French beverages. As a tribute, and to revive his passion, Grönstedts released a Classic Champagne with the family’s name. Another branch of their family tree holds the Lindqvist family, importers of exclusive wines in the nineteenth century.


They have more than 160 years of tradition in providing the connoisseurs of the world with the best the world has to offer. Also, The Hafström family was represented in the US by Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States between 2007 and 2013, Jonas Hafström.

Now onto the wine.

Besides being a great rose wine it also matches perfectly with roses. Why you may ask? Well, it’s in the fragrance with notes of rose petals and fresh rose with its pastel shade. It quenches your thirst. It’s also perfect for bridal showers or on your wedding day.
I mean, what better wine to enjoy with your brides maids.


The flavor of this wine is a bouquet of roses, strawberry and melon and a hint of
vanilla on the tip of your tongue with caramel aromas on the nose.
This wine pairs perfectly with many different types of food such as meats, chicken,
fish, risotto dishes – quite simply wonderful with food and highly adaptable.

So get ready to travel to Sweden. Skål!!!


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