White Wine & Nautical Decor?

I don’t know if you know this but I am a huge lover of anything that has to do with the beach. So this is a very different blog post and then I usually do.
Recently I went to HomeGoods to look for some stuff to purchase for decorating my new apartment. I came along these adorable stemless wine glasses and I couldn’t not purchase them. So I thought when I got this white wine sent to me for review that I thought I would pair them together.


What’s better that I’m opening a nice bottle of refreshing Pinot Grigio and pair it with some nautical decor?
The other day I put some fresh flowers on my coffee table and placed the white wine and my new wine stems together and this photo came to light.


What’s the wine your ask? Well its La Merika

This wine gets its name from the star that according to legend led early explorers to the discovery of new land.

Follow your star and try La Merika!


With flavors of orange blossom and honeysuckle are framed by luscious white peach pear and nectarine. With very low acidity its pair perfect with a fresh salad, spicy foods.


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