Court Is In Session

A romantic southern man, a high strong, smart ass Defense Attorney and an

ex-girlfriend. How could this be possible? Well today I bring you a book

and wine pairing that has been my most anticipated of the year.

The book is none other than “Overruled” by Emma Chase. It is her new series and I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of it. I am here today to give you a very brief review, because you know I don’t want to spoil it for you, and a wine pairing that

I know you are going to love.


What happens when you put together a southern Defense Attorney; one very high strong female litigator; an ex-girlfriend; a daughter and a Grandmother who loves to carry a shotgun? You’ve got lots of dramatic, steamy, hot, southern charm.

I do have a surprise for you lovers of Emma Chase’s debut novel “Tangled.” Our beloved Drew Evans makes a few appearances in this book. I loved that I got to see my favorite male character make an appearance in Overruled.

Stanton Shaw is a defense attorney living in Washington DC. He is also known as the Jury Charmer, for persuading the jury’s to agree with his arguments. Stanton does have a past and it’s not the kind of past you think. When he was younger, living in Sunshine, Mississippi, his longtime girlfriend Jenny got pregnant and his life was forever changed. But you know what they say about love, right? It has a way of creeping up on

you when you least expect it.


Sophie Santos is a city raised, no nonsense, Litigator. She one the most revered criminal defense attorneys in the country. She doesn’t have time for relationships or

distractions. That all changes when Stanton asked her to go back to Mississippi to

try and win over his girlfriend.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the chapter where two characters might

not make it out alive. I was literally holding my breath and crying into the

book when this part happened. Emma Chase has an amazing gift of breaking

out every emotion of her readers.

So does his book have a happy ending? Well I’ll let you wait until April 28th to find out.

Now onto the wine.


Hook up Muscat, from Naked Winery, is a smooth drinking sweet white wine blend with hints of honey soaked apples. And you’re in for a treat with notes of pineapple, peach and lemon. In this book Nana said Sunshine Mississippi was close to heaven and wine was the drink of the gods, so you can’t go wrong with this sweet wine. I would pair this wine with hot and spicy party appetizers, such as BBQ chicken wings and pasta salad. And on the sweeter side, pair it with cookies, cupcakes  and even cheesecake.



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