Drink Itallian Wine

I know a lot of us would love to pack their bags, grab our passport, and
travel to Italy. But with work and life, that’s usually not possible.

So today I bring you two wines that come all the way from Italy.
You might be looking at these wine pictures and saying this is not the
normal kind of wines that you review. Well, that’s true. I was very
lucky to get these wines from a local distributor that I work with.

First on the list is their Negroamaro Rose Salento. Turn into the deep
southern regions of Italy to find the hardy craves of Sicily that Sotto Il Sole
captures in every bottle. Filled with perfume and earthy fruits,
Sotto Il Sol is famous for their ability to withstand strong sun and heat.
With flavors such as strawberry rhubarb pie, with a hint of kiwi.
But what took me by surprise with this wine was the taste. It was soft and
subtle, but lively with a fresh acidity. I would pair this wine with
fried calamari, shell-fish, pastas, crab-cake and grilled fishes.

Second on the list is the wine that Italy is famous for, and you
have seen it in many Italian restaurants; its Chianti Classico.
The Astorre Noti collection is proud to honor two paragons of classic
Italian excellence; their producer’s grandfather, Astorre Noti, and the illustrious
region of Tuscany. Often regarded as the true birthplace of the Renaissance,
Tuscany is a land of inspiration and creative production; similarly located in the
Chianti Classico area between Siena and Firenze in the heart of Tuscany. This
wine is a big bold red wine that’s filled with favors such as tart cherry, red plum,
and fig, that please the nose and palate when enjoying this wine. With a
medium body, high acidity and firm tannins, Chianti Classico is an
amazingly popular wine, both in Italy and around the world. Being that
this wine is so bold it pairs amazing with many different foods
like roast beef, BBQ ribs and a wide range of cheeses.

So grab a glass & travel to Italy!



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