Keep Cool In The Spring & Keep Warm In The Winter.

We all know with the heat hitting the country this spring we spend more time inside then outside but it’s not only the heat that’s keeping us indoors.
It’s also the cold. I know across the United States some states are filled with snow so I have a solution to fix both your problems.
I have both a refreshing white Chardonnay to keep you cool in the rising heat and a big bold red wine to warm you up in the cold.

First on the list is my go to wine to cool off. It’s La Merika 2013 Chardonnay, and is perfect to enjoy outdoors in the heat. This amazing Chardonnay is harvested in the cool early morning hours to preserve the delicate aromas and flavors. Upon arrival at the winery the fruit is gently pressed in the still tanks, to cool and settle overnight. With flavors
Of lemon lime and sour apple, you can pair this wine with lemon crusted salmon and grilled chicken. With toasted almonds and vanilla on the pallet and its
Low acidity you can’t go wrong with this wine.

Next on the list is a big bold red wine that’s sure to keep you warm in the cold.
The central coast in 2012 delivered an ideal growing season producing Pinot Noir with balance and complexity in the mid-summer. With fog banking in the morning
And brilliant afternoon sunshine it allowed for a long steady ripening Pinot Noir. An expressive Pinot Noir is strong and bold but still has the delicate smoothness to enjoy with a wide arrange of food such as BBQ steak and Spicy Stir-fry. This wine also has a wide range of vivid flavors of cranberries, sweet strawberry, and plum,
With a plus mouthful and concentrated flavors of raspberry, blackberry and cocoa.

Whichever you chose to drink you can’t go wrong!!



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