Olympic Horse Show & Free Wine

Last week I had a very fun time with my best friend KC I did a trip up to  Wellington Florida. We attend an Olympic Horse Show.  What I loved most about this so is that even if you were there to watch it and not participate you felt like a VIP.


I have a little secret to share I use to do professional Horse Shows as a Hunter Jumper in my former life. But these were the normal horses that I was used to seeing. At this show there were  Olympic event horses that go for at least $2 million dollars.They were strong gorgeous and they sure loved to jump.


Day 1 we watched Hunter Jumper it was a blast to see these gorgeous horses jump over such high obstacles. We had such great seats as you can see in the picture below.


You know what’s better than spending your night with gorgeous horses? Enjoying free wine within minutes of walking to the VIP tent.  We were escorted to the bar where I grabbed a very generous delicious cup of Chardonnay.


This wine was a powerhouse of flavor such as white peach fig and a shuttle note of cashew and cedar. What I love most of this wine it that’s it has a creamy texture and refined finish.

Day two we attend a Dressage show I use to do Hunter Jumper in my former life but I was new to Dressage but I do love anything that has to do with horses 11014799_10155253780360596_791561635_n

I do have to admit I do miss my horse show life even thought it was exhausting work I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It was an amazing weekend filled with gorgeous horses, free wine and friends. My best advice never pass on a weekend at a horse show.

for me isy


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