Gilrs Night In & Wine

The other night I had the great pleasure of going over to my girlfriend’s house and watching Gone Girl and of course this night would not be complete without wine. And let me tell you this movie definitely needs a large amount of wine to get through it , I did drive my friend nuts by asking too many questions but that’s what a suspense thriller will do to you.


What is the wine that we drank you might ask well it is none other than my favorite Chardonnay Layer Cake. This wine is very smooth refreshing easy on the palate with notes of lemon vanilla and honeysuckle it goes great while drinking during a very stressful movie.
I love that my friends are always adventurous when it comes the wine but the second that I pop the cork to this great white wine my friend was in love with also enjoyed it with asparagus risotto and brownies.

It was a great nigh with my friend her dogs and watching an amazing suspense thriller by Gillian Flynn gone girl.

See wine & movies do go well together!!!



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