Travel To Italy

How would you like to travel to Italy without leaving your house? Well today I’m going to transport you to the hills of Tuscany Sicily and Florence. So grab a glass because you are about to be taken for a very sensual ride.

Today I’m going to be reviewing a white wine and red wine this winds were hand-delivered to me by a wine distributor and I have to say they are amazingly good wines.

Now Onto The Wine
Our Ambo collection showcases the international appeal of Italy’s varietal-rich bounty. By cultivating fruits atypical to the region in Italy’s rich soil – Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc – flavors from your favorite cepages sparkle with new vibrancy. Alma’s expert enologists have scoured the globe for the finest specimens each varietal has to offer in order to nurture those fruits in ideal Italian microclimates.
VENEZIA GIULIA Is a global collaboration in the name of wine excellence. Behind every label, you’ll find the soul of ancient lands and uncharted seas brought to life by the fragrance and flavors only Italy can offer. This wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc 55% – Chardonnay 45% Modernity and tradition meet & mingle both inside and outside the bottle, where innovative packaging ultimately reveals classically executed flavor. I would pair this wine with White meats, fish, calamari, shell fish, pasta, tempura, and sushi.
Serving Temperature: 53° Fahrenheit

Now onto the red wine

Alma’s Supreno represents the truest expression of the art of winemaking in Italy.
— Traditions that harken back nearly 3,000 years. The unique result is a line of wines that truly lives up to its name. This smooth red wine is a blend of Sangiovese 80%; Merlot 20%. With Intoxicating flavors of red berries fruits smell are catching your nose, while you feel also balsamic sensation recalling you also licorice and chocolate, thanks to the blending of two great grapes and to the use of very fine woods use for the aging. I would pair this wine with meet based food; cheeses.

Grab A Glass & Leave Your Passport.



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  1. Thank you very much on behalf of Alma Wines!

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