It’s Last Call Everyone

In the last installment of the cocktail series by renowned

Author, Alice Clayton, comes Last Call.

I have to admit it was bittersweet reading this book, due to the fact that itis the last book in the cocktail series. If you know me, you know I loved the hysterical story of Wallbanger. If you remembered in Rusty Nail, Carolina was left with the responsibility of running Jillian Designs in San Francisco. With this new job brings big responsibility, but she takes life by the horns and is able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. We can’t forget about Simon; her very sexy, very opinionated boyfriend. Simon is back to doing what he loves; journalism photography, but that all changes when Caroline’s and Simon’s best friends show up right before their eyes. Someone might have a baby. There might also be a wedding, but I’ll let you find out. Caroline realizes that walking down the aisle needs to happen sooner than later, when she gets a devastating call from one of Simon’s jobs. This part left me on the edge my seat thinking thatmy favorite male character might not make it. This is a tear-jerking, sexy, laugh out loud book. Everything you can expect from Alice Clayton.

It’s is such an amazing romantic, hysterical, loving series.

Now On to the Wine

When it came time to pair a wine with this book, that choice was easy for me. Since Caroline loves to bake, I knew this wine was a perfect match.

Delish Refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is Zesty and fresh. Their California style Sauvignon Blanc is marked by layers of wonderful aromatics, most notably, citrus, tropical fruits, garden-fresh herbs, green grass and Bosc pear. On the palate there is a beautiful balance of brightness and freshness, complemented
by the subtle creaminess brought out by a small portion of the blend undergoing malolactic fermentation. The complement of French Colombard imparts subtle tropical fruit flavors of lemon and pineapple on the lingering finish. Herbal and fresh citrus flavors are balanced by invigorating acidity and natural sweetness of the fruit—a truly delish Sauvignon Blanc.

Bake a pie, grab a glass and enjoy!!



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