Time To Get Back To Work

Time to get back to work it’s the new year and it’s times to get our heads out of the holiday drama and back to our normal lives and back to work even though most of us would love to continue with the holiday parties and late morning sleeping in.

After our long days at the office I can’t think of a better way to unwind then with a bottle of wine on the couch and watching your favorite Netflix TV show. I have to confess it’s taken me a while to get my head out of the clouds and back to work. The one thing I have been doing it seating at my home office and watching Revenge on my iPad and of course drinking wine.

The wine I have been enjoying is special it’s from Parducci family Founded in 1932, Parducci Wine Cellars has80 years of experience honing the artisan’s skill to craft
great tasting, varietals authentic wines. From Tuscany, Italy, the Parducci family moved
to Mendocino County, California. The Parduccis established this winery with old world tradition,
in what would become a legendary wine growing region. Each year, a new legend is crafted, carefully selected and blended for the fullest expression from grape to wine.

Now onto the wines

Parducci Wine Cellars is a family-run winery with an 80-year legacy of winemaking, committed to protecting the health of our vineyards for future generations. To produce our legendary wines, our carbon neutral winery runs on 100% green power and uses sustainable wine-growing practices that forge deep roots.
Parducci Chardonnay displays quintessential Mendocino flavors of Asian pear, wildflower honey and crisp apple with a creamy vanilla-caramel finish.

Honoring the rich heritage of the Chardonnay grape, we select individually-vilified small lots of this premium varietal to blend a wine of bold, lively character and balanced flavors

Golden and well-rounded, Parducci Small Lot Blend Chardonnay pairs fantastically with creamy pasta, chowder, or a light salad.

Time To Get Back To Work



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