Drama & Books & Wine

Think about this for a minute. What happens when you put a woman who walks out on her wedding, named Chloe Patterson and a very hot very sexy Veterinarian, named Lucas Campbell and a controlling possessive mother in one book?

I have one word for you…. “DRAMA”.

This book Mad Tied Up is a companion novel to Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series and being a animal lover myself, I devoured this whole book. This story follows the main character Chloe Patterson when she walks out on her wedding to a very successful lawyer. She finally realizes that what she has been denied her whole life she finally gets her independence. Chloe volunteers at a pit bull rescue, and we all know that I always fight for the underdogs. She meets the very handsome Lucas Campbell, and as I said, I don’t kiss and tell, but a lot of steamy sexy erotic events happen
Throughout this whole book and they might or might not fall in love.
You’re going to have to read the book to find out.

Now onto the wine.
You might just blush when you uncork this bottle. Not because of the red lips on the bottle, but because we all know what happened after a few glasses of wine.
The perfect moment: A sip of wine and the soft touch of another’s lips. This is Besitos, a luscious California Red Blend full of black cherry, sweet plum and vanilla. A balanced red blend that’s smooth on the tannins, jammy and juicy
• —a delicious smack of red, from our winery to your lips.
Pronounced “beh-see-toes,” the literal translation from Spanish is “little kisses”. It is used as a term of affection or a form of greeting in Spanish cultures, like a kiss on the cheek. This inspired us to create a wine that celebrated life and love. A delicious, jammy, easy-to-drink red wine is a great way to connect people to the ones they love and want to love. Give a kiss. Get a kiss. It’s that simple.
Besitos is an award winning California wine that is perfect for romantic occasions, parties, and as an everyday drinking wine. Besitos grapes are from vineyards in the Central Coast in Manteca, California. It is a young wine, and very drinkable.
The luscious CA Red Blend, has dense aromas of cherry and Mexican Vanilla that are complemented by flavors of sweet plum and light spice. Smooth on the tannins

This full bodied wine is rich with a jammy finish.

So Pucker Up & Grab A Glass !!



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