Culinary Win

We all know wine goes perfect with food, but today I bring you a company in the wine country that is not only great for pairing with many different dishes, but the main focus is to explore the world of the culinary arts

Founded in 1946, The Culinary Institute of America is an independent, not-for-profit college offering bachelor’s and associate degrees in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts as well as certificate programs in culinary arts and professional wine studies. The college has campuses in New York (Hyde Park), California (The CIA at Greystone, St. Helena), and Texas (San Antonio).

In addition to its degree and certificate programs, the CIA offers

courses for professionals and food enthusiasts.

Located in the heart of the Napa Valley, The CIA at Greystone is housed in a magnificent stone winery building, which was built in 1889 as Greystone Cellars. In more recent history, the Greystone building was known as Christian Brothers from 1950 until 1990, when the CIA purchased the property.

Since 1995, one of Greystone’s neighbors, Markham Vineyards, has been producing a small amount of Greystone Cellars® wines exclusively for

the CIA, under the stewardship of Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls and President Bryan Del Bondio. With the national launch of Greystone Cellars® wines, the CIA and Markham Vineyards bring the highest-quality California wines at the best possible value to a larger audience. Greystone wines are approachable, easy to drink, and befitting their connection to the CIA, enhance the culinary experience of any meal at which they are served.

Now onto the wine

First on the list is the wine that Greystone cellars are famous for;

their 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vineyards in the “heartland” of California give their Cabernet Sauvignon

plenty of ripe berry character. Careful canopy management is key to

farming in the Lodi, Sacramento, Delta and San Joaquin areas.

A late September start allowed for maximum flavor development.

Raspberry fruit is layered with decadent cream soda and vanilla toast aromas.

I would pair this wine with grilled meats or vegetables.

Second on the list is their 2013 Merlot. We all know that merlot is not

my favorite wine to drink, but this one surprised me. It’s very smooth with

a little kick in the flavor plate. It also has a long finish that keeps you wanting more. Cool nighttime temperature was the hallmark of the vintage which allowed their red varietals to maintain perfect acid structure in conjunction with extended ripening time. Optimal flavors were concentrated in the small berries.

You can’t go wrong with this wine if you love strong flavorful red wines. This on is on the top of my list of bold reds. With aroma on the nose such as of spic aromas of black pepper are layered over abundant black cherry and cream soda notes. Flavors of ripe cherry plays nicely against vanilla, allspice and hints of mint.

I would pair this wine with steak or BBQ pork.

Now on to my pick; their 2013 Chardonnay. if I had to choose one wine to

drink, it would be this one. Their Chardonnay vineyard sites were specifically chosen for their tropical nature. Cool Santa Barbara grown grapes provide crisp, citrus texture. The Lodi grown grapes give this wine rich and juicy tropical flair. The unusually cool California summer allowed for maximum flavor development for this vintage. The warmer area grapes were harvested mid-September, whereas the coastal fruit languished in the fall weather until early October.

With Aroma of cut apple aromas are layered with roasted nuts and

stone fruit and flavors such as butterscotch and guava notes.

I would pair this wine with grilled tuna or chicken.

So grab a wine opener and enjoy.

Greystone Cellars.


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