Vampires & Wine

Fog golfing cities Rolling hills big castles and how could this be possible?

Today I bring you three wines that goes hand-in-hand with blood and vampires. I have two whites and 1 red from vampire vineyards in California.

I know not all of us can’t board a plane and jet off to Transylvania but while you’re enjoying these wines you will feel like you were transported to the Erie hills of Romania. So sit back and grab a glass and get right to seek your teeth into some very yummy wines.

How about a little history
The year was 1985, and it was pitch dark on a rural highway somewhere in the Nevada desert. The only visible lights were the stars up above, when Michael Machat, our company’s founder first got bitten by the Vampire bug. Some 3000 miles later Machat emerged in NY and tried to share his enthusiasm for what he thought was a brilliant idea.
Unfortunately, the wine trade reacted as if he were indeed bit by something. “Who would want to buy a wine called Vampire,” was the common refrain?
Nevertheless, still determined to share the Blood of Vine, Machat found a full bodied Algerian Syrah in France. In 1988, he sold the first five hundred bottles of this cuvee to Alice Cooper and MCA Records in London, England, and he was in business, offering the wine in high-end London wine shops, such as Selfridges.
Machat continued his travels throughout Europe and the following year, he changed the supply to an Italian Sangiovese. Machat shipped some 672 bottles of this Vampire Sangiovese to the Anne Rice Fan club in New Orleans.
Then at the beginning of the 1990’s, when raves and house music were the rage in London, the Berlin wall had been torn down, and the Romanian people had executed their leader, the sun slowly began to shine through Romania once more. Transylvania had opened to the possibility of commerce. But after years of closed darkness, the Transylvania people
Now onto the wine
First on the list is my pick of the pack. Now that it is fall and the weather gets colder I love to drink more red wine and this one has to be one of my favorites.
Vampire Vineyards Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 is packed with flavor and body with flavors of with Blackberry and Dark Cherry aromas, with just the right amount of Oak flavors leading to a lingering finish. Classic, small-lot fermentations, followed by aging with oak, gives full expression to the rich varietal flavors in this wine.
I would pair this wine with Beef Stew and BBQ Chicken.

We all know I love a good glass of white wine mostly a glass of Chardonnay and this one I have added to my list of one of my favorites.
Vampire Chardonnay 2012 is a smooth delicate wine with flavors Creamy and Rich Apple, Peach, and Lemon fruit flavors allow this varietal to persist into a long and elegant aftertaste.
I would pair this wine with grilled meat and roosted vegetables.

Last on the list is a white wine lovers dream if you love a bold white wine this one for you.
Vampire Pinot Grigio 2012 is loaded with bold flavors of Melon, Citrus, and Tropical Fruits accented with a pleasant Floral note lead to an easy-drinking and lively wine full of youthful, refreshing acidity

~Perfect for Mortals with an Undying Desire to Spend a summer’s Day in the Sun~

So grab a glass and take a bit out of these wines.



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