Lies Heartache Revange And Red Wine?

If you have been wondering why I am have been MIA for the past two months. Well it was becouse I was busy writing my own novels. Yes thats right I have just completed writing book three to my news series.

You might be asking yourself right about now what is the name of my books,
The Series is called The Hardest Decision Series its based in Toronto Canada. I knew right away that I wanted to base the book in Toronto manly becouse last novemer I visted Toronto for a family reunion and fell in love with the city so It was easy to build the foundtion to the story.

The series has two main characters Cara Wellingtion is a smart successfoul wine blogger. Who wont take no for an answer and if you tell her she cant do something she will fight you to the death to prove you wrong.

Derck Price is a very handsome very charming invesment broker who hasnt always had the best of luck in life. Derck knows what he wants and he is relentiless of what he will do till he gets what he wants.

Cara’s world is turned upside down when a murder takes place, Once she meets Derck its all down hill from there.

This book is filled with lies heartance and most importantly revange.

One of my favorite quoated from my books is from Xavier Black when he tells Derick-

Mr. Price I want you to live with the fear knowing that I can reach out and grab your precious Cara anytime I want”

Things only get worst for the both of them when they met the ruthless and relentiless Xavier Black who’s main focus is to make the Wellingtion family play for a old family fued.

Remember when I told you this is a series, There are three books

The Hardest Decison, The Grestest Lost and After The Storm.

Book 4 will be relased in Ocober of 2015.

If there is one promied I can make you with my books is that the action never stops all throughtout the 3 books you will be on the edge of your seat.

It was not hard to find a wine to pair with my books, One day I went to Total Wine to pick up a special bottle to pair.

The one I pick was Apothic Dark for the sole fact that throughtout my series the main drink that all my characters drank was red wine. And the genera of the series is dark murder mystery suspense
and being that Cara is a wine blogger and I do love a glass of red wine myself the two match perfeclty .

Now onto the wine
A majority of the grapes in Apothic Dark were selected from Lodi, where the intense sunlight and diverse soil structure create layers of complexity. In the cellar, the grapes for Apothic Dark were fermented at a maximum of 90 degrees to increase the extraction of dark jammy fruit characteristics. A variety of yeasts were used to bring out unique flavors and features from each lot. Following fermentation, the wine was influenced by a variety of oak to add complexity and enhance the coffee and dark chocolate flavors.

This Limited release blend of dark fruit flavors of blueberry and blackberry

with opullent notes coffee and dark choclate for a rich yet silky smooth wine experience.

“There’s a romance in the darkness, It draws our curiosity and beckons a desire to taste the unknown.”


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