Warm Cozy Wine

As the weather gets colder we spend more time indoors. I can’t think of a better way to stay warm than staying inside and cozying up with a good bottle of red wine.

Today I bring you four red wines from my favorite winery; Naked Winery, in Hood River, Oregon. It’s not just the sexy name that makes you all warm inside. It’s also the big bold robust flavors, with names such as Penetration Climax and Vixen.
And ladies, let’s be honest. Is there anything sexier than staying inside and curling
up by the fire with nothing but blankets and the company of a good man
and a bottle of red wine to warm you up?

So sit back and grab a glass and get ready to be heated up.
Naked Winery is on a mission to cut America’s divorce rate in half by inviting
couples to shut off the TV and share a glass of wine with each other nightly. Their high quality wines enhance the romance of wine by pleasing the palate — and other senses, with provocative brands and back labels that change the conversation and set the mood for romance and fun. Our labels are indeed provocative, and a bit risqué because we believe you should drink what you like, not what others say is good, so remember that.

Now onto the wines.

Who doesn’t like a little naughty in their life? Well this big bold red wine called Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for those cold nights.
This wine is a woody wine with depth and made in French oak. Presence is upfront on the nose with sweet cherry and plum flavors of dark fruit. This Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent companion to steak and pastas with a robust red sauce during the main course.Or, during the dessert course, try it with dark chocolate.

Rich cherry and plum flavors rub the buds deep down on your tongue. Watch the legs release as they spread to perfection down the glass and feel the solid oak presence grow. Intense concentration with a huge extract. Open up, relax and get penetrated tonight. I would pair this wine with Jack Daniels BBQ Steak and Pot Roost.

How about a little Vixen in your life ? This wine will make you sin the night away.
Vixen Syrah is characterized by its very dark beautiful color. Smoky, rich blackberry and hints of ripe cherry on the nose. Close your eyes and experience the subtle complexity of the Rhone Rogue Valley, as Vixen finishes with roasted espresso. A musty Gruyere or maple smoked Vermont Cheddar will do nicely with this fox. Vixen, our foxy wine, is coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry. This is a wine with attitude and aromas that ignite the senses with silky tannins that bite and hold on. Don’t forget your whip on the hunt, as this Vixen has her own set of rules!

I would pair this wine with filet mignon topped with sautéed mushrooms.

Try the wine that made Oregon wines famous: Pinot Noir. 100% Pinot Noir, enjoy the classic light body and rich cherry nose with a delicate satin tannin finish that lingers playfully on your tongue. This wine has a smooth complexion and long legs. This wine gives a full-frontal of ripe cherries with a firm well-rounded end. Who doesn’t love to get Naked. I would pair this wine with a warm
winter dinners like turkey and mashed potatoes.

So grab a glass and get hot.

Warm Cozy Wine


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