Time to walk down the aisle

You all know the old saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”
Well that might not be entirely true with this book and wine combination.

This is a bittersweet blog post for me to write because one of my favorite series from one of my favorite author is now finished. But we still have the last book to talk about,
so get ready to be taken for a very wild and naughty, sarcastic ride.

The last book of the Tangled Serious Emma Chase’s Tied, will take you on a very wild and naughty ride. Not only is Drew and Kate getting ready to tie the knot they are also new parents to their son James. One of my favorite parts of the book is Drew acting like a father. There’s nothing more sweeter than him talking to his son.

Drew Evans never pictured himself tying the knot but his very lovely and very outspoken fiancé, Kate, changed the idea of marriage for him. But before Drew and Kate can tie the knot and walk down the aisle together they have to conquer the bachelor and bachelorette party, in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada. By now you pretty much know that Drew Evans will get into trouble. Well he definitely does in this book. I know what you’re thinking… don’t blame Drew and don’t get pissed at him just yet, because this crazy roller coaster has an amazingly happy ending.

Now onto the wine

Forever Cellars strives to transform select grapes from the California Central Coast into beautiful bottles of wine. These bottles will lift your spirits and offer a blended taste, enticing you to raise your glass to familiar causes that touch your heart.
Their Red Wine Blends and Chardonnays are made from the finest berries
found on the California Central Coast.

Lindsey James says “I was inspired to develop Forever Cellars by my desire to escape from this fast-paced, mass production world & bring a personal touch to people’s lives. I thrive in an environment of creativity & appreciate uniqueness. Above all else, I treasure my family & friends and am inspired to give back in a way that represents these aspects.”

Forever Together: Chardonnay is the wine I am featuring today.
It is a California Central Coast Chardonnay with a flavorful mouth full of
lemon and guava and butterscotch on the nose. With low acidity, it’s a smooth wine.
The perfect wine to enjoy with grilled tuna and berry fruit salad.

So walk down the aisle and toast to a new beginning!



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