Time To Get Cozy

We all know that everybody drinks red wine during the autumn and winter months, but why don’t you change it up a little bit and bust open a good bottle of Chardonnay or Riesling this winter? Today I bring you to Wines that go hand-in-hand with winter, so sit back, grab a glass and be ready to be taken for a cold
ride through the autumn leaves of Washington state.

Diversion Wine developed a unique project, brought together by a passion for Washington wine and the Pacific Northwest’s stunning outdoors. They were driven to develop a wine company that captured not only the distinct territory of Washington State but that would also depict the majestic beauty of its iconic geography.
Their winemaker is Katy Michaud. Katy has been everywhere. She was born in Detroit, then moved to Mexico City at age one, started high school in London,  and finished in Eugene, OR, where she got a degree in art history at the
University of Oregon.

Now onto the wine
We all know my favorite wine to drink is chardonnay. Their Diversion Chardonnay is one I will put on the list of favorites. With a smooth finish and lasting flavors of apples and pears with bright acidity and a hint of oak with a hint of lemongrass on the nose. This Chardonnay has a beautiful smooth finish. I would pair this wine with chicken and salmon with maple glaze.
This wine was also the Gold Medal Winner of the
2012 Sonoma County Grand Harvest Awards.

Second on the list is their Delicate Diversion Riesling, with an aromatic blend of citrus blossoms, nectarine, peach and crisp Washington apple. I am not really a fan of sweet wine, but this one is just the right amount of sweet. It is luscious,
juicy and simply delightful. I would pair this wine with crème brulee and fruit salad with passion fruit sorbet.

Time to get cozy in front of the fire, with a glass of wine.
.wihte cozy wine


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