Fall Sunsets and White Wine

Is there anything better then a Fall sunset and enjoying a good glass of white wine?
Well lately that is exactly what I have been doing at the dock at my building it has the best sunsets in Florida.
So just before the sunset I’ve been grabbing a bottle of white wine, my book and I take it out on the dock to watch what the amazing sunset has to offer

What is the wine I’ve been enjoying? It’s Emerson Vinyards from Napa California 2012 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley. It has a rich rudy color with flavors of Aromas of concentrated bright cherries, raspberries and lingon berries dominate the initial smell then combine with nuanced scents of mineralty, oak and the vineyard in bloom. Its has the perfect finsisn and velvety taste with a little kick at the end. I would pair this wine with Rosemary Chicken or enjoy with Chocolate with and or Cheese.

So put up your feet and relax.



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