Betrayal and Wine ?

Drama, turmoil, betrayal and Red wine. How could this be possible?
Today I’ll bring you another book and wine pairing.

This book is not like any other book you have ever read.
It is called Fading, by E.K. Blair and takes place in Seattle with the very
well known character Candace. She has her eyes set on dancing on the big
stage of Broadway as a professional ballerina, but one day all her dreams are shattered by a horrific event. Candace meets the known bad boy Jack, who rips her innocence and her life away in one fleeting moment, with a brutal attack that leaves her completely shattered. Candace is trying to get her life back together when she meets the very nice and very handsome Ryan Campbell, a successful bar owner. He feels instantly connected and tries to show her that hope is worth fighting for. But is Ryan harboring his own demons? As walls slowly begin to chip away, the secrets that are held within start to become painful burdens.
At what point do secrets become lies?

There are 3 books to the series starting with Fading, Freeing and Falling.

Now onto the wine

In the golden, oak-studded hills of Paso Robles’ acclaimed west side, not far from William Randolph Hearst’s magnificent castle, there is a man with a Homeric vision. His name is Daniel Daou and he is devoting his life and
every imaginable resource to creating, first and foremost
a Cabernet Sauvignon that rivals the very best in the world. Gracefully perched atop a stunning promontory at 2,200 feet, the Daou Spanish Colonial style winery is embraced by a tangible serenity. This kind of synergy happens rarely; a superlative climate, super intensive vineyard culture, and cutting edge viticultural practice. You’re more likely to find it in Bordeaux than in Central California. Coupled with the infectious passion and gracious family style hospitality of the Daou brothers, Georges and Daniel, the result is pure magic.
Now onto the wine!

This wine is a big and bold red wine aged for 9 months in 60% new France oak

barrels. With a rich deep berry color, a creamy mocha-espresso flavors is the

first impression of this wine. The tannins are well integrated with fruit and a log

finish. It’s full bodied with a saturated finish. The flavors of this wine are dark

black cheery and espresso with a hint of plum on the nose. I would pair this wine

with a nice slow cooked beef stew and grilled BBQ chicken.

So grab your book and enjoy a glass!



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