Wild Horses and Wine

Want to know a little secret? Well here it is!

I have been loving and riding horses for most of my life. I can’t imagine a greater feeling then being on the back of a horse and just riding and feeling free. One of my
favorite memories is riding on the back of an old racehorse and galloping
among a field of sunflowers in Canada.

Get ready to be taken for a wild ride with Wild Horse Wineries. One of my favorite quotes I thought match this blog post is “the history of the West was written by the horse.” Wherever a settler left his footprint there was always a hoof print beside it.
Men came further and further west to stake their claim on the great American wilderness. But they encountered a strength that couldn’t be tamed – wild horses; Mustangs.
The settlers called them parasites that would strip the land and starve their
own herds. They couldn’t domesticate them so they destroyed them.

You might be asking where does the horse part come into play for this winery? Well the winery named itself Wild Horse Winery as a tribute to the herds of mustangs that once roamed the hills above the vineyards. And quite possibly we also had in mind the
Cal Poly mascot – a galloping horse. Wild Horse Winery didn’t always have it easy; bottling their first bottle of wine out of a plastic tub and stirring it with a baseball bat.

Now, onto the wine.

I have two wines to bring you today. Both are white wines.

First on the list is their 2012 Wild Horse Unbridled Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley. This is a wild wine that doesn’t want to be bridled and tamed. The grapes were 100% hand harvested and delivered to Wild Horse Winery. When the grapes were delivered they were pressed whole cluster using a bladder press. The wine is fermented in 100% French Oak barrels and stirred bi-weekly. Flavors of this wine are butterscotch, lemon and sour apple and vanilla with a hint of apricot on the nose. I would pair this wine with lemon grilled chicken with sage and grilled fish.
Last on the list is their 2012 Wild Horse Viognier Central Coast. This is not your normal white wine. It is made from many different vineyards on the Central Coast; Wild Horse Estate and Nevarez Vineyards in Paso Robles, and Boekenoogen Vineyard in the Carmel Valley. This wine was made in 100% neutral French barrels of oak, aged for 6 months prior to blending and bottling. The flavors of this wine are orange blossom and grapes fruit and passion fruit, with a hint of Honeysuckle on the nose. I would pair this wine with maple and rosemary salmon and grilled peppers.

Grab the reins and get ready to be taken for a wild ride.



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