Travel To France

Imagine yourself walking along the great hills of France with a glass of white or red wine overlooking the amazing countryside. How can this be possible? Well, today I bring you a wine company that is all about the beauty of France. This blog post will be consisting of all white wines. I have to be honest. Some I did enjoy and some I didn’t particularly enjoy, so sit back and you won’t even need your passport and be transported to the French countryside. The history of this winery is very complex. B&G’s main goal is to bring you luxury wine that everyone can afford. With almost three centuries of experience in the wine business, B&G is the first brand-name known to millions of consumers worldwide.
Barton & Guestier represents the wonderful diversity of French wines from the main winegrowing regions; such as Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, and the Rhône.

Now onto the wine.
Their B&G Passeport Vouvray is a smooth white wine with very low acidity and low structure. The flavors of this wine were not to my taste and not my favorite. With a pale straw color with green highlights and intense flavors of grapefruit and pear, it was a little too strong for my liking. I would pair this wine with fruit salad and grilled salmon with lemon and dill.

Wine number two is B&G Réserve Sauvignon Blanc. This wine was so strong and tart it overwhelmed me with how intense it was. With flavors of fresh notes of lemon and a hint of blackcurrant buds and lingering citrusy finish, I would pair this wine with seafood, grilled fish, goat cheese, or salad.

Third on the list as you can guess, is my favorite, B&G Réserve Chardonnay.It is a nice full bodied white wine with high acidity. This wine is made in the Classic fermentation process, ageing on the lees and partly ageing in oak. With flavors of white fruits, followed by tropical fruits and lemongrass, I would pair this wine with grilled poultry, white meat, or pasta dishes.

Last on the list is B&G Passeport Bordeaux Blanc.
This is not your normal white wine. High technical mastery allows it to preserve the potential and the expression of this great white wine. It is made in French oak barrels to make the wine nice and smooth. With golden straw yellow, seductive and fine wine mixing floral notes, and flavors of vanilla and fruit. I would pair this wine with white meat and poultry.

“À votre santé/à ta santé” “Cheers”

B and G


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