Fixed your day with a book & wine

With summer in full swing what could be better than enjoying the hot outdoors  with a sultry book and a glass of red wine?

Today I bring you three amazing books from author Laurelin Paige who has written the Fixed On you trilogy. It is spicy and keeps you on the edge of your seat with every page. The story follows to main charters Alayna Wither and Hudson Pierce and their pursuit to make their damaging relationship work. Now reading this book you might think it’s a sexy love story between a rich man and a attractive woman, right? It is so much more then that, with many different characters and drama. It is not like any book you have ever read.

Why am I bringing you yet another post with books and wine you may ask?
These books go perfectly with the wine at that I am reviewing today. The wine is Zin-Phomaniac, from San Francisco, California. Winemaker Carolyn Craig has always fashioned a voluptuous, lavishly textured Old Vine Zinfandel that reflects the ideal climate and varied soils of this most acclaimed wine growing region. With grapes growing up to 20 to 75 years old, you can bet you will get one amazing wine. And what about the amazing art work on the bottle? Artist John Fretz evokes the old classic Pin-Up Girl from the 1940’s Era. This kind of work just adds to the sexy and seductive flavor of the wine. With flavors of dark cherries and oak and spicy peppers on the nose, it pairs perfectly with BBQ streaks and spicy Indian chicken dishes.

Grab a seat and a glass and get ready to take the heat.



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