Wine for Entertaining

Want to hear about a winery that is all about get-togethers with some of your closest friends? Ojala wine is a unique cutting edge company, that instead of owning large vineyardsacross California or across the world, they hand pick their grapes from reputable vineyards. They like to get their grapes from family owned vineyards, instead of going to some of those big name vineyards that we know so well. They also only use French Oak Barrels to make their grapes. Ojala is also based in my home city of Miami Florida. Their Cabernet, Merlot & Chardonnay are all from California. Their wines are specifically made for everyday wine entertaining.
Now onto the wine!!

My pick and favorite is their Central Coast Chardonnay.
With its creamy and smooth finish, it’s perfect for those summer days outdoors. With low acidity, its goes well with many different food such as salmon and chicken burgers.
This wine bursts with flavors of pineapple and vanilla and green apple
with a smooth finish of Citrus and lemon.

Their Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich dark wine with an oak finish.
It’s perfect for those summer BBQ or campfires. With flavors of dark cherry and oak,
it pairs perfectly with grilled steak and spicy chili. Its toasty aroma has smooth acidity and a finish of leather and aged oak. It’s perfect for those cool summer nights.

Last one on the list is their Central Coast Merlot.
It is a nice flavorful wine with flavors of mixed berry and chocolate. This is the perfect wine for summer entertaining inside or outdoors. With almost no acidity, its food pairings
are endless; such as spicy dishes, or a nice rich cheese platter.

So grab your friends and enjoy a glass!



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