Wine that runs in the family

Today I bring you a wine company that is about family and good values.
This company is Wente Vineyards in Livermore Valley, in the San Francisco Bay area. A first-generation immigrant, C. H. Wente, founded the vineyard in 1883 and purchased 47 acres, giving it the name Wente Vineyards. Moving forward 130 years the Wente family now runs the land
with their fourth and fifth generations.

What makes this vineyard different from the rest you may ask?
Well besides the fact that it has been family run for 130 years, the way the grapes are grown is what makes these wines different. San Francisco is known for their cool temperatures that come off the water. That is the secret to Wente vineyards. During their growing season, the cosat gives off nice, cool and foggy mornings and early afternoon breezes. At night the fog lowers
the temperatures again, preserving the fruit’s natural acidity.
This is what gives their wines the name… Morning Fog.

Now onto the wines
Wente Vineyard’s 2012 Chardonnay is my pick out of the four.
This wine put them on the map. It is made in barrels and stainless tanks. It is then aged in barrels which ferment for seven months, giving it the spicy flavors.
With notes of oak and allspice on the nose, once you take a slip you taste cinnamon and apple. With very little acidity and refreshing finish it’s the perfect summer drinking wine on those cool nights,
It would pair this wine with pasta salad or grilled salmon.

Wine number two is their 2012 Riverbank Riesling.
It is one of the most refreshing whites wines I have tried in a long time. It’s not too sweet for a Riesling; it has just the right amount of tang and smoothies. This wine is made in stainless steel tanks, giving the wine its natural fruit flavors and its crisp acidity. With notes of lychee and pear and a hint of nutmeg on the nose,
the taste is crisp and refreshing, with flavors of lemongrass and green apple.
I would pair this wine with fruit salad or a chicken burger.

My pick for the reds is 2011 Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon.
This wine packs so much flavors into one bottle. It is made in a combination of American, French, Eastern European, and neutral oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. This wine has flavors of cherry and plum on the nose. Tastes are flavors of coffee and leather. I would pair this wine with steak or BBQ ribs.

Last on the list is 2010 Reliz Creek Pinot Noir.
This wine is what smooth wine is all about. It is aged for twenty months in a combination of French, Eastern European and neutral oak. With aromas and flavors of strawberry and vanilla on the nose and toasted oak, and cigar smoke flavors, it’s the perfect wine to drink during the winter months to warm you up. With bright acidity and delicate tannins it makes for smooth and easy drinking.

So grab your family and have a glass!

wenta wine pic


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