Wine from The Heavens

We all know that wine was the drink of the God’s, right? But what about drinking wine that comes straight from heaven. How could this be possible, you may ask? There is a wine with such a heavenly name and rose pink color that it could only be called . The history of this winery dates back to

2006, when Sacha Lichine (son of the late Alexis Lichine), one of the most influential wine writers and producers of the last century, bought a restored Château d’Esclans, which is now known as Whispering Angel.

Now onto the wine

The wine making is very complex for this special wine. There are two key grapes in this wine. They are Grenache and Rolle (A.K.A. Vermentino) to create a new style of rosé using Burgundian techniques, as well as a high percentage of old vines. The end results created a lot of talk among Sommeliers, Foodies and wine lovers everywhere, letting everyone know that a new chapter in rosé has started.

So sing to the angels and grab a glass!!

angle 2




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