Roses and Sparking Wine

We all know there’s nothing more romantic on Valentine’s Day than a man cooking in the kitchen, and some wine. But how about switching it up

with sparkling wine instead or wine? Mumm Winery is based in famous Napa County with breathtaking views of their Vineyards.

They also do wine tasting and tours, but the thing that separates them from the others is that they have

a full art gallery on the grounds. So while you are enjoying their wine,you can see some amazing art!

I have two very good Sparking wines to spice up your night. One of them is a White wine called 2008 Blanc de Blancs

that tastes just like white wine with a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. With very little acidity and a clean finish,

this sparking is perfect for a light dinner or dessert. I would pair this with a four cheese pasta or grilled chicken.

Now onto my romantic pick. Their Brut Rose, also known formerly as Mumm Napa Blanc de Noirs, is a flavorful wine

with rich black cherry and rose, followed by subtle oak on the nose. It’s a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, giving it a bolder flavor.

Given the wide range of flavor of this wine, it pairs well with any type of food, but I would pair this with red velvet cake or chocolate.

When you drink this wine, love is in the air and every day is Valentine’s Day!

 mumm wine 1


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