Dark Wine with a Sweet Name

Dark wine with a sweet name. How is this possible?

Well just look at the label. Sweet Cheeks winery in Oregon delivers a vintage label with black crows on it.

If that doesn’t scream creepy, I don’t know what does.

But don’t worry. Not all is scary about this winery.

They stand out from the others by having a 55 acre estate. The vineyards were christened Sweet Cheeks because of the curious swell of the hillside that became evident as the soil was plowed and then planted with grapes.

The nickname stuck and has been a tongue in “cheek” favorite ever since.

Sweet Cheeks winery’s philosophy is to allow the terrior and varietal characteristics for each harvest to be fully expressed by advocating minimal handling and gentle processing throughout the wine’s life.

On to the wine.

The 2011Chardonnay is a crisp rich wine with very little acidity, with flavors of citrus, green apples and peach, with a hint of vanilla. It is a vintage wine made in 2011, in stainless steel tanks. Then for 3 years it is aged in French oak.

This wine is perfect for those outdoor parties with family and friends.

I would pair this wine with lemon chicken, garden salad or seafood.

The 2009 Pinot Noir is bold and full of flavor. If you love red wine, this one for you. It is aged in French oak barrels, but a small volume in stainless steel for extra maturation. It has flavors of dark cherries, oak and chocolate at the finish. With its gently texture its makes it a wide range wine to go with any food.

I would pair this with steak, pork chops, and chocolate cake.

This wine will give you rosy cheeks!!!

sweet cheeks


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