Wine your way!!

Did you know there is a company where you can customized

your own wine bottle. How is that possible you may ask?

The company is called Personal Wine. At this unique company

you can create your own personal wine labels on a bottle of wine.

Perfect for weddings, birthday or for the holidays.

 Now, onto the wine!!!

 I have one white and one red for review. The white wine is a

2012 Sauvignon Blanc from Flora Springs in Soliloquy Vineyard in California.

It has bright fruit and acidity with orange blossom, lemongrass and hints of

rose petals. All of their Sauvignon Blanc is made with 100% pressed

whole fruit clusters.

 This wine would pair perfect with an array of dishes—

from grilled chicken to spinach salad.

 Their red wine is a 2008 Excelion Crianza Riojav from Rioja, Spain.

It’s a blend of many different grapes such as Tempranillo (80%), Garnacha (12%) and Graciano (8%). It is made in French and American oak barrels.

 I would pair with this wine spicy Asian dishes and hardy meat lasagna. So, what wine label will you make that will describe you?

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