When we think of SledgeHammer we think of tools, right, but wine?

 Here I have a rocking wine that goes perfect with rock bands, BBQ and real hardy men.

 So should we get onto the wine? Sledgehammer Forged Red is a deep oaked full flavored red wine,with hints of blackberry, oak and cherries.

From the first sip I knew this wine paired perfectly with a rib eye steak or pasta marinara. When to enjoy! On a long Friday conference call and in the company of family.

 Malbec is a nice smooth and chocolaty wine with a strong, subtle flavor.

               This wine was inspired by an Argentinean Cowboy after a long day in the saddle.

I only have one food pairing that matches with this wine: beef.

Whether it be steak, BBQ Beef or ribs, you can’t go wrong.

Best enjoyed with a winter BBQ. A sticky finger dinner with lots of BBQ sauce.

 Sledgehammer Zinfandel is my pick out of the pack. Its packs a punch

with flavors of spicy chilies and leather.

It pairs perfectly with full flavored meat and Italian sausage.

 Best enjoyed in front of a roaring bonfire with friends or during a rock concert.Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine of kings.

It has a subtle, smooth, rich flavor that pairs well with a prime Porterhouse steak

or a nice chicken burger. It doesn’t really matter what meal you pair this wine with. When to enjoy!

Best enjoyed at a holiday business party or a close friend’s birthday party.

So men, raise a glass to a real man’s wine.

You can find their wines here




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