Art Wine?

There is a wine that is all about art. What is this wine you may ask? It’s called HandCraft.  It’s a wine is called the Artisan Collection. The reason it is called the Artisan Collection is because their wines are California with a dash of Italian flare.

 Wine maker Cheryl Indelicato’s loves wine and art so to bring them together just seemed like the right fit.  Charly lives in Monterey California with her husband and son.  It’s not often that you find a winemaker who puts Italian and California values into one wine company.

 Now lets get on to the good stuff. There are two different wines that I love.

 Inspiration white – a bright fruity wines with subtle flavors of honey and green apple with a hint of vanilla.

I would pair this wine with fruit salad or smoked salmon.

 Inspitatin Red –  a full flavored red wine with hints of  spicy blackberry and wild cherries and a hint of  oak. It leaves a nice finish of plum on the tongue. It will pair perfectly with any BBQ.

You can find their wines at



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