Little Slices of Italy

I know we would all love to get on a plane and go to Italy right? But what if could tell you could get a piece of Italy at home? There is a wine company that delivers wines straight from Italy to your home.

Candoni is an Italian family winery where tradition and innovation

are combined with a drive for perfection and a strong work ethic.

All their bottles are hand painted by local artist

to give them the old Roman look.

My pick out of their wines is there Prosecco. It’s a nice crisp refreshing bubbly wine with delicate and fruity flavors of honey and green apple. This wine should not be aged and is best drunk fresh.

The bottle should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine cellar.

So if you want a little piece of Italy without needing a passport, get your hands on Candoni wines.Little Slices of Italy


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