Visiting a winery

I know not many of us get the pleasure of visiting a winery. In October, I visited Toronto, Canada for a family reunion. On the day that my family was free we all took a trip to Niagara Falls. On the way we stopped at a local winery called Pillitteri Estates Winery. It is a little side of the road winery which,

at first glance, looked like a fruit stand.


It was one of the homiest family owned wineries that I’ve been to. There is a story to this winery. On the day I visited it when I left our hotel that day I had a bad stomach ache. When we arrived at the winery I did a quick wine tasting of their 2011 Rose Wine, and after that my stomach ache was gone.

So wine does cure everything.


So if your ever in wine country in Niagara, Canada, stop by this great winery and say hi to the Pillitteri family.

You’ll be glad you did!!


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