Wine & Cakes?

You can’t think of this wine and not want a big piece of chocolate cake right? What is the name of this company you may ask? We all know it very well its Layer Cake; a name that goes hand in hand with family. Owner and wine maker Jayson Woodbridge’s goal was to make and sell luxury wine that everyone can afford no matter what class you are in. The name came from Jayson’s grandfather who said

“the soil in which the vines lived were a layer cake. He said the wine, if properly made, was like a delicious cake layered with fruit, mocha, and chocolate, hints of spice and rich, always rich.

Never pass up a good layer cake”

 His wines come from many different regions around the world as well as California, such as Australia, Italy, Argentina and Spain. It’s like traveling but without needing a passport.

 Their wines consist of Shiraz, Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay,

Garnacha, Malbec, Pinot Noir


The first wine that I tried was the Shiraz. It’s full of body and has a smooth finish.

This Shiraz comes from South Australia.

 The Garnacha from Spain is full bodied with suttle aromas of blackberry’s and oak with a nice chocolate finish. I would pair this wine with a nice chocolate cake or a fondu with fruit. The grapes are hand–picked. All the wine is aged in three-year old, air-dried, French Oak barrels

for just the right flavor.

 The Malbec is rich with deep flavors of cherries with a smooth then rich earth, truffles and dark cocoa are at the front. This wine is so elegant in the mouth with fresh-picked blackberries with a nice dark chocolate finish.

 Primitivo has to be my second favorite out of the pack with very rich flavors of black fruit, spice and white pepper, layered and rich in the mouth with jammy black cherries, truffles, espresso and, a creamy texture. With all these flavors coming at your plate you need a dream meal to come with it. I would suggest a rich roast with gravy and veggies.

 Cabernet Sauvignon is from California’s Central Coast. It is a well known and popular wine that everyone gravitates to, with flavors of chocolate-covered cherries plus cedar and supple tobacco. Deep layers of spice-infused dark fruit fill the mouth, with a rich, creamy layered texture.

Their vineyard has a section that is part of an ancient volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helena that laid down multiple layers of ash and rock, giving the wine beautiful mineral characteristics.

 Pinot Noir is one of my picks to bring along on Thanksgiving. why you maybe ask? What are two of the most popular wines enjoyed on Thanksgiving? Pinor Noir and Chardonnay. The smooth flavors of the Pinot go perfectly with the many different flavors of thanksgiving. Layers of dark berries, ripe plums and big juicy black cherries wrapped in a glycerol-creamy mouth-feel.

It pairs perfect with smoky meats and rich fish.

 Chardonnay is my second pick for Thanksgiving, with many fruity flavors. It goes great with turkey, stuffing and many other Thanksgiving foods. Flavors of this wine are lime, guava

and pineapple. Pour in at first, and then the light, creamy texture of whipped lemon curd

fills in the flavor palate.

 So let’s all grab a piece of cake and enjoy!

You can find their wines here



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  1. My favorite dessert is Red Velvet Cake, however since its so sweet, I don’t want a sweet wine with it. Would you recommend red wine with cheesecake?

    1. I would pair of nice refreshing Pinot Grigio since it won’t be as sweet as your red velvet cake.

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