Wine for Breast Cancer

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, but there is a wine company that is trying to help find a cure in a very special way. It’s a name that we all know very well; Sutter Home. Their Pink Moscato is sweet, with rich flavors of passion fruit and melon and a hint of vanilla. It’s perfect for that afternoon with your girlfriends by the pool, with a nice bowl of fruit salad. You may be asking how does Shutter Home helping to find a cure? Well, they will donate $1.00 for any seal/capsule or receipt from any bottle of Shutter Home wine you buy. Send it to:

Sutter Home for Hope
Promo ID: SHFH13
PO Box 426022
Del Rio, TX 78842-6022

Be sure to serve this wine at 49 degrees to make you sure get that rich flavor. It’s best to keep this wine in an ice bucket if you will be enjoying it outdoors.

So let’s all grab a glass and toast to finding a cure! It’s sure to keep you in the pink!

breast cancer post


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