Wine For Halloween

You can think of Halloween and not think about wine, right?  Maybe not for all of us.

For adults, that is what we are enjoying on Halloween, not candy.

The story behind this wine is kind of funny. There is a corner store a block away from me. Every time I would walk in, I would go straight to the wine section.

I would see this wine bottle (Twisted Wine) and thought it would be perfect for Halloween. I never bought it but I always thought I should try it. When I got the bottles delivered I notice it was the same design and bottle I always wanted to buy.

So why did I chose this wine for Halloween? Because of the name and design of the bottle. Twisted Wine goes hand and hand with Halloween, especiallytheir Cabernet Sauvignon which has black and orange on the bottle… perfect for Halloween!

One of the things I loved about this company and the wine bottles themselves is that they put the tasting notes right on the back of the bottle. So when your cooking or sitting at the dinner table you can see what the wine goes best with. Its also a conversation starter too because lets face it, who doesn’t like to talk about wine, right? All three wines are very rich and flavorful.

I would drink the Pinot Grigio with seafood or pasta.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is rich with cherry and ripe blueberry flavors with a hint of vanilla cream and smoky oak. I would pair this wine with steak, or hearty chicken gumbo.

Their Old Vine Zinfandel is full of the flavors of blackberry, chocolate covered cherries, and spicy nutmeg. It pairs perfectly with BBQ chicken; hearty chili, and my favorite, dark fudge brownies. I would drink this wine by a fireplace on cold winter nights accompanied by some dark chocolate.

It will lift your spirits!!!

You an find your wines on there site here

halloween post 2013


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