I joined a wine club

I have been waiting to join a wine club for a while now but didn’t know which one to chose. With all the different wine clubs out there the pick was not easy. Then I saw on my friends instgram account a club named NAKED WINES that very night. I went on there website and i  was hocked. How this company works it a saving account for wine every month you put $40 in your account till your ready to make a purchase. Its not like other clubs where they bill you for the same amount ever month. I also love that the money you spend goes straight to the wine makers but to corporate pockets. So you know your spending your money right. I have only tired one bottle so fair but I cant wait to do a full review when I have fished all the wine. Thank you naked wines for having a great business that’s help these winemakers. . The consumer service that this company has is outstanding. Whenever I needed something I could send them a an email and I got a reply back right away. With naked-wines you get your very own customer service representative its almost like having a wine concierge. The shipping was also very fast I order my case on a Thursday and received it on a Friday. I have never work with a company that ships that fast.

You an find your wines on there site here









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